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The XingDongYuan succeed hold the first employees sports2012-05-14
Loudi city direct sales department honored to win ¨”consumer trust units¨•title2012-05-14
The Ministry of Foreign Trade was established2012-05-14
Exclusive: Interpretation of the Chinese steel market trends 20112011-01-27
Ma Jian Tong National Bureau of Statistics 2010, China has made the overall operation of the national economy, "set the tone"to describe - 2010 is the extraordinary history of one year.
201 stainless steel steady through 2011, 2010, to come to vigorous2011-01-27
In 2010, China's stainless steel demand, driven by production in the steady increase in demand. 2009 and 2010, stainless steel crude steel production increased more than 25% in 2010 tons of stainless steel crude steel production 1000-1100.
The world's largest stainless steel seamless pipe project is completed2011-01-27
TISCO expand so as to do fine all stainless steel, one of the important strategic step for the world's largest stainless steel seamless pipe Stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
Fastener industry overview of the rapid development of steel fasteners market2011-01-27
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's fastener industry, steel fasteners are also significant growth in demand. Steel fasteners products account for almost 100% of the weight.
TISCO stainless steel in 2011 will achieve 300 million tons of production target2011-01-27
In 2011, TISCO will continue to expand stainless steel production reached 300 million tons of scale, while operating income of 125 billion yuan, compared with an additional 100 billion in 2010.
Plated stainless steel faucet without more environmentally friendly low-carbon2011-01-27
"Today you are a low-carbon it? " nowadays has become one of the most popular greeting. Promote low-carbon economy in the global environment, businesses are seeking the most efficient energy saving, emission reduction programs.
2011 hardware market ups and downs depending on six key factors2011-01-27
30 years of reform and opening up of scale generated by the remarkable achievements made great contributions to society, Guangdong Hardware Industry In recent years the rapid development of metal forming tools, hardware.
Low-carbon stainless steel kitchen faucet from the hot little things2011-01-27
The tap is very important in our life necessities, but in addition to its use of outside, it seems that no one too much attention to it. Low-carbon era, we can think it is only through the use of water-saving faucet.
The development of China's fastener industry needs analysis for steel2011-01-27
Fasteners is a common basis for large and wide parts. Manufacture of fasteners can be steel, nonferrous metals, stainless steel, titanium or other engineering materials
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